A New Digital Experience

Kandinsky once said: ‘The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.’ We knew it was impossible to recreate the EMOTION of someone facing a masterpiece, however we wanted to create a new digital experience in which the visitor could also FEEL.

Museum Ethnography

Inside the museum
What do you feel looking at the Descent from the cross by Roger van der Weyden?
How does a visitor at Prado aproach a work of art? What is his or her relationship with the building? How do they get more information about Saturn devouring his Son? We observed, we got inmersed into the INTIMACY of the contemplation of Prado’s masterpieces.

Data Gathering

Google, talk to us
Then we asked Google and we found...
A vast amount of access through search engines with a stable frequency of visits except the ones coming from social networks, especially from Facebook and Twitter where we found the only real sustained growth of visits.
Some sporadic growth peaks thanks to the press.
Most of the traffic was national and latinamerican.

Content Analysis

The needle in a haystack

Meanwhile our content art specialists started their analysis through the current website. Thousands of drawers hiding tons of information. And we opened each one of them. We defined the current web as:

A writing desk with a thousand drawers

Personas and scenarios

Designing for behaviours
Who are the digital visitors of Prado’s website?
We created some identities to determine their needs, expectations and barriers. The Pearsons, an american family travelling to Spain, Miguel, a spanish school teacher, Ana Valeria from Mexico... In colaboration with Prado’s digital team we chose the main PERSONAS. We found that all of them had something in common: a culture snacker behaviour.

The culture snacker behaviour

We wanted engagement for the digital visitors and we knew that we had to design for behaviours. The new digital experience of the Museum is aimed to satisfy the curiosity of the cultural snacker behaviour. Almost everyone has a cultural interest of some description. Check out this donkey reading a book from Goya!

Paradigm shift

A New Digital Experience
A new enriched digital space for the Prado
We helped to move the museum visit experience towards a new enriched digital environment . We tried to bring the strategic thinking back to the experience. It is not only a digital service, it’s not only a web or an app, it’s another part of the Prado: the digital extension of the physical museum. We wanted the digital experience to meet the expectations of the Prado.

Design Process

The Design Drivers

Design Driver: The masterpiece as the main entrance

The masterpiece universe

Each masterpiece brings everything together and is the main axis of the new experience. A new universe of emotions: anger, sadness, joy... We knew it would never be the same experience to be in front of the masterpiece itself, however we wanted the digital visitor to feel, to get closer. An immersion effect in which the Prado enhances its brand through their masterpieces.

Discovering an iceberg

The trip has started. The masterpiece is the heroe. Various depths of exploration are available. And then, a world of related information about the work of art but always with digital enhancements: sharing, saving, sending, related tagging...

Design Driver: Simple structure

The one drawer writting desk

Time for the architects to organize the information. Finding everything in only a few places: 5 main areas including 2 transversal options throughout the whole site. Of course we also had the most amazing semantic system giving coherence to every piece of data and shaping an incredible search engine.

Design Driver: Personalizing your digital visit

Mi Prado

‘ I’ve already created a collection of my beloved Murillo’s cherubs I was able to find in Prado´s digital collection thanks to Mi Prado.’

Now the digital user can enhance their physical visit creating their own personalized tours. And start sharing, commenting and liking them. What about checking out the collections of the world renowned Prado curators?

Design Driver: Every device, everywhere, anywhere

Elegant visual experiences

Linked open data

Exploring data relations

What if I am passionate about skulls and lions and I want to find some works of art in Prado with such a connection? There you go: thanks to GNOSS Culture now it’s absolutely possible. Try it out. It’s totally addictive!

Visual Branding

Collages of Inspiration

Digital craftsman created different visual inspiration using moodboards to establish the visual language of the new site that will give life with shape and colour to the new digital experience of the Museo del Prado.